A small team with a big endeavor

We are building the ultimate platform to develop and produce top-tiered healthcare providers.

How does our team do this?

Put one another at the forefront

We are building, developing and growing our community of top-tiered healthcare providers. We collaborate and iterate our own processes together. Because of this, our team has not only been able to maintain rapid growth through services we provide, but from the exponential return of clients that love working with us.

Simplify execution

We work towards making each process more efficient. From day one to year one, and onward - no process stays the same. Our team iterates rapidly, ensuring that everything we ever do is two steps ahead at all times. POC/QAPI validation? New tech integrations? Easy.

Work as owners

We believe in developing each of our members in becoming independent - as best work is done when there is ownership. Our consultants learn to build their future by treating our clients as their own, learn flexibility, and promote decision making skills in order to best serve the needs of our clients. And what we get in return is truly quality care.

Anne B.

CEO, Co-founder

Anne has more than 30 years of experience in the Healthcare Industry including acute care, long term acute, out patient surgery, long term care, hospice and home health care. Anne was the co-founder of AV Resources Corporation since 2007 helping small businesses in the healthcare industry survive the challenges of reimbursements and regulatory changes.

Victor B.


Victor is a seasoned Operations / QSHE Manager with 31 years and demostrated history in Construction Industries and Military Projects.

Jen D.

VP, Clinical Operations

Jen started as Unit Manager at the University of California Irvine Medical Center - Neuropsychiatry and Director of Nursing in Mission Viejo. She has developed and implemented systems in the care of residents with psychiatric conditions. Her team is dedicated to creating the healthiest and safest environment utilizing the national health and safety performance standards for best practice.

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