05 Oct 2018

Are you ready for Phase 3?

Written by Anne Bongo

05 Oct 2018

Are you ready for Phase 3?

Written by Anne Bongo

Believe it or not, we found quite a few places who are not ready for Phase 3.  They're not even ready for Phase 2!  Scary, I know.  Breaks my heart!  There are still nursing facilities out there struggling to balance everything as we speak and not have time to ensure their policies and procedures, or their systems are in line with the new requirements. 

Some smaller stand alone companies may not have enough resources to provide the facilities updates and training.  Changes on Infection Control, PDPM, Quality Assurance and Performance Improvements just to name a few!  Some struggle because of budget.  And I do understand.  But if we look at the bigger picture, wouldn't they be spending more if they get a substandard survey or a citation on a complaint?  This is why we are reaching out.  To be able to help assess their current Policies and Procedures, and make necessary recommendations and changes that meet their facility needs, regulations and the standards of care.

Here are some Tips in self-assessment:

1.  Gather the Team and review current Policies and Procedures and Systems on the following:

     -  Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation

     -  Admissions

     -  Advance Directives

     -  Bed Hold & Return

     -  Bed Rail Assessment & Bed Inspection 

     -  CPR

     -  Dentures

     -  Discharge Care Plan

     -  Discharge Summary

     -  Drug Regimen Review

     -  Expanded Assessment Areas

     -  Food Safety

     -  Grievanceu002FAppointment of Grievance Officer

     -  Mood & Behavior

     -  Notification of Changes

     -  Nursing Services - Building Competency Evaluations

     -  PASARR

     -  Pharmacy Consultant Expectations

     -  Room Change

     -  Transfer u002F Discharge Process

     -  Visitation Rights

2.  Develop a Training Plan

3.  Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Process - updated to reflect implementation of the requirements. 

Anne Bongo BSN RN MSHI

Reference: https:u002Fu002Fwww.cms.govu002Fmedicareu002Fprovider-enrollment-and-certificationu002Fguidanceforlawsandregulationsu002Fnursing-homes.html